When it’s time to redesign, what is there to consider in the process? Aside from improving both design and functionality, the web design company and you will also need to consider technical elements. These can range from current hosting platforms to search engine rankings you don’t want to lose. If a redesign is done correctly, it should always be profitable. Without redesigning your website on a somewhat regular basis, your brand and sales tool will be out-of-date and conversion rates will likely dwindle.

What does Google think? One of the main questions we’re asked when redesigning a somewhat successful website is, “will we lose our search engine rankings?” As you know, obtaining these rankings took time and the last thing anyone wants to do is throw them away and start over, or upset Google. Proper technical elements such as 301 redirect and site maps should be in place to be sure Google understands where your new pages are and which new pages have replaced old ones.  Thinking logically, it makes sense that Google would not penalize you for redesigning your website. It’s merely an evolution and is necessary with technologies progress. You should, if done right, be rewarded for an update to update, modern, clean coded website. Often, you’ll seen search engine rankings jump up within weeks. If done incorrectly, you’ll usually see a major dip followed by a slow crawl back to where your positions where before the website redesign.

Consider what has worked in the past and what has not. Listening to your customers can be one of the most important things you can do. What have visitors complained about? What elements have always seems a bit cumbersome? It’s important to address these issues in the redesign. Also, consider your competitors. What do they have that you don’t? How can you improve upon what they have done? Remember, figuring out the solutions are not always your responsibility, but you should have help from your web design company. For example, we often talk with clients about previous custom experiences, problems and work on solutions that will improve revenue, save time and create a larger bottom line.

Hosting. Although it’s not a major issue to switch hosts, it’s worth noting that if it’s not necessary to switch, then you shouldn’t. Some hosting plans work with certain technologies, and the company you’re working with may suggest a certain plan. Don’t let switching hosts hold you back, but be sure to let your developers know what you currently have. From what we’ve seen, switching hosts should not negatively impact search engine rankings.

Just make it easy to order. No matter what you’re selling, if you own an eCommerce website, the front end of the website (the side the visitors see) is most important. Creating the best eCommerce ordering system in your industry will give your company an edge. It comes down to one point… make it easy to order. From different one page checkout systems, to accepting multiple payment options, these actions will convert visitors into sales.


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