DEVELOPMENT OF IPHONE, IPOD TOUCH AND IPAD APPLICATIONSDevelopment of native applications for iPhone
Native applications can be implemented to take advantage of special hardware capabilities of the iPhone. An application can also store data on phone and continuing to work even when no Internet connection, thus opening new opportunities to create mobile solutions. Each such application must be designed with great care, because these applications will run directly on iPhone or iPod touch user’s end. To be downloaded from the App Store, these applications must be reviewed and approved by Apple.

A few applications we can build:

  • Utility Apps
  • Web Service Supported Apps
  • Mapping Apps
  • Database Driven Apps
  • Simple Graphical Gaming Apps

iPhone Apps development

IPhone Web Applications are built using the same technology used to create classic web applications or web sites. Differences in contrast are important, not every web developer can implement web applications optimized for the iPhone. Creating such applications involve both user interface design for a low resolution, the use of iPhone specific interface elements, and the use of specific extensions offered by the particular Safari browser for the platform: local database on your client, support for events generated by touching the touch screen, special graphic effects, etc. Another advantage of this application is the possibility of being indexed by search engines. If you have an application that is both time and a presentation site, its pages can be found using conventional search tools, such as provided by Google.

website optimization for Safari iPhone

More and more users use mobile Internet. We can adapt the site specifically for the iPhone and other mobile devices so that your visitors can enjoy its benefits.
The experience of iPhone users while visiting a classic site can be dramatically improved by creating a special version your site.
Optimizing an existing site can be done at several levels:

  • customizing stylesheets, so mobile users can easily browse the information without having to make operations repeatedly zoom in and zoom out;
  • changing the site that so some sections such as menus or forms found in the lateral columns are not visible in the version for mobile phones;
  • creating a separate site that presents the same data as classical site, but organized using the principles that underlie native applications;

management interfaces and web services

Many iPhone applications, especially those that address business segments, need to connect to a central server, permanently or just for occasional synchronization. A server can also provide, through web services, access to databases that are already in business or specifically designed for a specific application. Also, some features are suitable to execute on a server, not mobile, they can have access to all the possible calls to Web services.

Most times the company already has a server, which is implemented to support, for example, a Web site. Web services can be installed next to any website, without the end user of the site to be affected. They will serve exclusively to users of iPhone applications. We offer the opportunity to implement these much needed web services using standard protocols such as SOAP, and REST services based on XML or JSON.

If it is necessary to install web services that use the database specially designed for a specific iPhone application, it is natural that they need to be managed. In this respect, we can implement interfaces and web administration database.


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