WEB MAINTENANCEAs a professional website design company we offer quality maintenance service that is tailored to meet your needs.

Why you need website maintenance?
– Stale Website Content or you have changed your company image, either with a new logo design, or slogan.
– Search engines gives importance to websites where content changes, if left for a few years without any updates your website design will loose position in the ranking . Regular spidering will start to decrease.
– The search terms that People are using for certain items, are constantly changing. What worked for you last month may not work for you now.
– Seasonal changes, such as decorating your website for Christmas will keep your customers enthused and interested in your website.

How can we help with your website maintenance?
– Product Changes
– Photo and Graphics updates
– Update / Repair Web Pages
– New Articles
– Check Inbound and Outbound website links
– Convert brochure data to Website content
– Update website forms
– Change Meta tags to reflect new content

For each undertaken project undertaken we provide a free warrantee period of 3 months to 12 months (as per application structure and complexity) to ensure stable and uninterrupted work of your system.

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