Search engine optimization is a must when developing a website. Your web design company should use search engine optimization techniques to provide your site with higher search engine listings and free traffic. Web design is not only about looks and performance but the architecture of your site.

Search engines look for many things when they search through your site. Relevant content is one the most important aspects of your site. The more relevant text displayed on your website, the higher it will appear in the search engine. Relevant keywords added to the code of your website will also help get your website closer to the top. Search engines are not able to pick up and search through text within a Flash animation. When search engines rankings are a must it is better to not display text within Flash files, but to use regular text on your site.Each business is different and has different needs for their website. Depending on what you are aiming for, Flash can be good or bad.

When we build a web site we use many different tactics to ensure the site receives as much free traffic as possible!


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