As in any industry, the web design industry has the professional web design companies and companies charging $200 dollars for a website. Many small business owners looking to develop a website ask us the question, “What makes your company different?”, “Why should I spend thousands instead of hundreds?”.

When looking to start a business online or beginning an online marketing campaign, you have to first realize that the internet is a very valuable and significant method of advertising. Just as you would not want to present your business with a low-end television commercial, you should not look to develop a “cheap” website. The competition is strong and amateur websites are overlooked by consumers and potential buyers who search for a professional, reliable (at least to the eye) company.

You’re as Big as You Want to be

Remember, online you can present your company to be a very professional company with a professional website. You may have a small location, or even work at home, but a professional website will give the impression that your company is top-of-the-line. Use this marketing opportunity to your advantage and make the most of your website!

It’s All About Value

We all know value is more important than cost. If I told you a $5,000 website would give a $100,000 return, or a $1,000 website would produce a $10,000 return… we all know what the decision would be. A website designed by a professional company that is experienced in design and marketing will always perform beyond that of an amateur website.

Customer Service

Staying in contact with your web design company is important when developing your website. With a smaller company, or someone who doesn’t do web design for a living, it’s at times tougher to make changes, updates or even complete a project to your expectations.


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