Of course the easiest way to be at the top of the search engines is to pay, and this is where
Pay Per Click advertising comes into play. Paying websites will ALWAYS be above non-paying sites, but receiving organic rankings (rankings without paying) are just as beneficial as well and often offer more visits per dollar spent. If pay-per-click is an advertising campaign you’re interested in running, we do offer PPC management services to optimize your campaign,

SEO: By using advanced search engine optimization techniques we can raise your site into the top of the search engines. People who pay for their ads are buying what are called “sponsored listings” on the search engines. Companies bid against each other for keywords and the winning bidder becomes number one. Words that are searched more often will usually end up costing more and there is more interest in those keywords.

When using pay per click the only time you pay is when someone clicks on your link to visit your site. This is called “Pa Per Click” advertising. Every time someone clicks on your link you will have to pay a certain amount. This can vary from 10 cents a click to $10.00. HSW can help you create a pay per click ad campaign and For more information, contact us.


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