The ability to accept and process credit cards is a must for an e-commerce website or online store. There are a few ways to go about this: The credit card order can be processed securely through your website and the money deposited directly into your bank account. Or, you may elect to configure your site so the credit card number is stored in your administration and database where you can run the numbers manually if you have access to a manual credit card processor. Either way, you’ll need a merchant account for processing payments.

We set up your website so processing credit cards is 100% secure. We use the industry standard, 128 bit encryption. This means the information being processed comes through in code. If anyone were to intercept the code it would not be readable. You need, and your customers expect, security when processing credit cards online. That’s why we have built special security features right into all of our e-commerce website.

Online Credit Card Processing – How It Works

The credit card is processed by a payment gateway, a company that handles credit card processing, acting as a secure broker between your client and the bank. All online stores use a payment gateway. Even though it processes through another company our e-commerce applications are built to integrate with them seamlessly. Effective and seamless payment options insure that your customers will never have to leave your website to complete payment.


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