So, you’re looking to hire a web design company. What makes one company better than another? Who is the best? If you need an eCommerce website developer, how do you know if they specialize in eCommerce development? If you don’t know too much about the web, and often a business owner who is looking for a website developer doesn’t, this article will give you an idea of what to look for.

Choosing a web design company is very similar to choosing someone to build a house. You want a house that looks good, serves it’s purpose and is reliable. The first step is finding a company that can prove these 3 things is finding a company with team experience. Be sure the company has been in the industry for some years, and that members of the team are experienced in what they do.

You also want to be sure that there is a development team, not just one person. If one person were to build your house, the outcome would show. A team of developers and builders are need. When building a website we need a a graphic designer, programmer and search engine optimization manager. This ensures that the website is developed in the best way possible. This is similar to building a house in the respect that you have a team of builders. A electrician does his part and the plumber does what he is best at. This creates a final product that is noticeably more efficient than a product created by one person.

Portfolio – A company’s web design portfolio is the best way to be sure that the company develops the type of website that you would like. Although most web design companies will not have a website exactly like the one you want, especially if you’re looking to develop a custom website, but sure they do the type of features or tasks needed to develop your website. If you need a website that allows users to buy, be sure the company you select has developed e-commerce websites in the past. Look through their designs and see if the work is the style that you think is right for your website. Never hesitate to ask for help. A company should have no problem walking you through examples of websites they have built in the past.

Where Is The Office? – Be sure the company of your choice has a location and that you can meet with them if necessary. This will also help to prevent any type of fraud that could occur with a “company” that may be one person in their basement.

Customer Service – The way a company treats their clients is often a good example of the way their run their business and develop their products. Make sure you find a company that will take your calls (or at least return messages) and makes updates to your website in a timely fashion. You can usually tell if the company works quickly by how quickly they return your estimate request, but remember, an estimate request for a custom website may take sometime to put together. This is a good sign as you know that the company is usually taking their time to look over the details of your project and planning a development strategy.

Testimonials & References – It’s always great to talk with other people who have worked with the company before. Ask if you can get testimonials or references that you may be able to call. If nothing else, this will give you the security to know that you took every measure in being sure that the company you selected is the right company for the job.

Price – Of course what you want to know is how much should you pay for a website? This isn’t the way I would go about asking this question, I’d ask it more like “What return will I get for what I invest into my website?”. If you pay $1,000 dollars for a website that never helps your business grow, or spend $20,000 on a website that gains your business clients, the $20,000 website is obviously a much better value. It’s all about ROI.

Be sure to check with your web design company to see if they can show results. To know that the websites they build are effective, ask how the companies they build website for market their website. Ask for examples of websites they have developed that have high search engine rankings. If a website has high search engine rankings for keywords relevant to their business, it’s very likely that they are gaining customers and clients via their website.


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