Security, in a world where website hackers and internet criminals will stop at nothing to steal the information your customers may provide you, is of the utmost importance for your eCommerce website and online store. When processing credit cards through an eCommerce website or when personal information is being entered, it is a must to have a strong security strategy and the proper safeguards in place. Using SSL, a secure server, is the best way to protect your website and the information transferring through it. Our secure servers use 128 bit encryption. Encryption means the data is transferred in code so if anyone intercepts the message it will not be readable.
Secure Checkout

Secure websites contain a “lock” icon at the bottom of the page or in the address bar. The lock is circled in the image below. Remember, the lock will only appear if you are on a page that contains sensitive information, such as a checkout page or when entering personal information. Just because the lock does not appear through out the entire shopping process, doesn’t mean the eCommerce website is not secure.


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